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    Bible answers : Are the Antichrist and the twelfth imam the same person?

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    Free Sermon Outlines Theme-based sermon outlines for your church. As more information became available, it became evident that whatever event had caused the multitudes in America and other western countries to vanish had mostly spared the Islamic countries.

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    Across the Middle East, things continued on as before. While there were isolated rumors of people vanishing, there were no reports of planes crashing or driverless automobiles crashing on the roadways.

    'Twelfth Imam' by Joel C. Rosenberg

    When the president of Iran announced to the world his country had just launched three nuclear missiles at Israel, little did he realize his grand plan would set in motion a series of events that fulfilled prophecies in both Islamic and Christian holy writings by heralding the return of the Islamic Messiah, the one the Bible calls the antichrist. The attack brings unexpected results when the missiles somehow go astray and destroy the Dome of the Rock.

    12th Imam, al Mahdi, Ahmadinejad, and the Antichrist

    These actions cause a series of ancient prophecies to culminate, first with Christians being removed from the Earth in a mass exodus, while simultaneously, the twelfth Imam, the long-awaited Islamic Messiah, returns from the Jamkaran well where he has been slumbering for nearly 1, years. These events unite Jewish, Islamic, and the remaining Christian adherents, as each of their end-times writings and prophecies converge on a single individual who unites three major religions that have been fighting for centuries.

    Islam is now the dominant religion. The twelfth Imam quickly unites the various factions in the Muslim world by demonstrating that he is their messiah. Tom Wellington is vice president of the World Bank and is tasked with setting up the financial aspects of the new Islamic system.

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    Little does the Imam know the two are familiar with biblical prophecies because of Pastor Glenn Nelson, and they see him for who he truly is and realize his ultimate goal. James Parker is a pharmacist in Las Vegas. He has written over one hundred songs.

    He became interested in Islam and a possible connection with the antichrist in , which led him to research the Islamic end time prophecies as well as the political events in the Middle East that formed the basis for this book. Formats Softcover. Book Details.


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