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Sam insists Santana to let Brittany go. Towards the ending of the episode, Brittany and Santana talk in the auditorium. Brittany says that she won't break-up with Sam because she likes him and inspiring Santana to move to New York. In the episode I Do, the two are sitting together and every time Santana mentions anything relating to love, she would stare at them. Brittany and Sam wave to Santana at the church before they turn around to watch the wedding ceremony begin. They dance happily and seducively together the whole night as Santana watches at the wedding reception and are unaware of Santana feeling uncomfortable.

After the performance, Brittany calls him "baby" and tells him that she's proud of him for admitting that he likes Barry Manilow.

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Guilty Pleasures. Brittany announces to the Glee Club that a deadly asteroid is headed straight for Lima. Blaine expresses disbelief bringing up the fact that she thought that the world was going to end around Christmas time due to the Mayan Apocalypse. Tina agrees and asks her whether it's true that she and Sam got married, Brittany tells her to shut up. Sam looks confused and hurt since he thought she was talking about him and their relationship. When the Glee club Mr.

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Schuester asks the group to raise their hands if they believe Brittany's asteroid announcement, and Sam and Unique are the only ones who raise their hands. Shue talks to the group about the week's assignment Last Chances and encourages them to sing songs that will tell someone how they feel about them, as he says this. Shue returns from getting Brittany and a few other students that were hiding in the bathroom. Brittany and Sam immediately start crying, run towards each other and they share hug for a while.

They break apart briefly to hug the rest of the group. It is revealed that Sam is suffering from some kind of separation anxiety, most likely as a result of the recent school shooting and the possibility of Brittany leaving to MIT for college soon. As a result, he has created an alter ego named Evan with whom he is switching places throughout the episode.

When several Glee Club members express confusion, Brittany explains who Evan is.

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Sweet Dreams. She demands all of the solos in Glee club, and she begins to insult the other Glee Club members. Sam intervenes saying that he loves her, but she's being really rude. Sam is concerned about Brittany so he calls Santana and explains to her that Brittany broke up with him, quit the cheerios, is refusing to perform at Regionals, and that ever since she got back from MIT she has been acting strange. When Santana tries to brush it off, Sam says that he knows Santana doesn't like him, but he's worried about Brittany because something is clearly wrong and he is asking for her help.

It is later shown that Santana listened to Sam and went to Ohio in order to talk to Brittany. They smile and hug each other. Before they go on stage to perform, Brittany reveals to the Glee Club that she got offered an early admission to MIT, but that they want her to attend immediately.

She explains that she accepted it because she's not sure if she'll ever get another opportunity like this. She tells them that this was the reason behind her bad attitude and meltdown. Brittany begins to cry and goes around the room and thanks the members for everything they've done for her. Throughout her speech Sam looks emotional and like he is holding back tears. As they continue to hug, Sam tells her that he loves her and will miss her too. All or Nothing.

Brittany and Sam sit next to each other in the auditorium and in the choir room. They dance briefly together during Be Okay. New Directions.

When Brittany arrives they talk briefly. The Untitled Rachel Berry Project. They sit next to each other during Home. Both of them are part of the song Wishin' And Hoping. At the end of the episode,when Sam tries to comfort Brittany and Santana says, that Family's like fudge, mostly sweets with a couple of nuts, Brittany is seen laughing.

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What the World Needs Now. When Brittany asks who Burt is, Sam responds that he is Kurt's dad. Later, Sam attends on Santana and Brittany's wedding. A Wedding. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. As her downward spiral continues, Brittany unintentionally keeps upsetting the Glee Club. Later, Sam gives Brittany a map that guides her into the auditorium where he is waiting for her with a box of Poptarts. Sam tells her that he thinks he knows what Brittany's bad actions from the past few days mean: Namely that she's trying to get to her lowest in order to then be able to make a glorious comeback, like Britney Spears did.

Brittany tells him that she's sad that the Glee Club is mad at her, but Sam tells her that the other Glee Club members are just frustrated because they don't understand why she's acting the way she is. Brittany notes that he noticed and figured it out and that he seems to be the only one besides Santana who understands Brittany; Sam tells her that it's because they think the same, she agrees and says that is probably because they're both blonde. Brittany also tells him that she really misses Santana, since Santana is not only her girlfriend, but also her best friend.

Sam then offers Brittany to be a new friend to her. Brittany happily agrees to this and they cuddle.

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Sam tells her that the Poptarts will be the last stop in her trainwreck and then she has to figure out a way to get back on the Cheerios so she can get back on track. Makeover Brittany and Sam are sitting next to each other while they watch auditions for the school musical production of Grease.

Dynamic Duets While discussing the plan for Sectionals, Finn says he needs someone to do a dance solo with Brittany. He tells her that he's sad that they never got to sing a love song together and he tells her that that's why he lured her into the classroom. Afterwards Sam tries to kiss her but, she backs away saying that she doesn't want to see him hurt by the lesbian blogging community, Sam says he is not scared of them and tries to kiss her again but she says "I can't," thanks him for the song and walks out of the room leaving Sam depressed.

Swan Song Brittany starts giving members of the glee clubs gifts because she believes that the world is going to end. At the wedding, Sam tells Brittany that he always thought Brittany was super hot, smart, and his soul mate and that he's not worried about how they will die because he has her. Brittany tells Sam that at first, she never noticed him. But then one day when she heard him do a Rich Little impression and he explained to her who he was, she knew he was special.

She also says that she is very excited about being his "Mayan star wife. Four days later they are seen waking up in Brittany's room on December 22 and realize that they are still alive and married. Later at Breadstix, Coach Beiste tells them that they are not really married because the Mayan Church doesn't exist and that they shouldn't get married right now because they're young.

Although Brittany says she's happy because that means she'll get to spend more time with Sam, both of them express a feeling of emptiness since the world didn't end. To make them feel better Beiste lies to them saying that Indiana Jones discovered a new Mayan calendar that ends on September 27, , which cheers the two up. Glee, Actually The girls get the assignment to prepare a song in order to ask a guy out to the upcoming "Sadie Hawkins"-dance.

Sadie Hawkins Sam and Brittany are ordered to see Principal Figgins together, where they are told that they have received the highest and the lowest result in this year's SAT-test. Diva In the episode I Do, the two are sitting together and every time Santana mentions anything relating to love, she would stare at them. Guilty Pleasures Brittany announces to the Glee Club that a deadly asteroid is headed straight for Lima.

Later Brittany and Sam are in her room. Sam watches as Brittany pets Lord Tubbington and tells him that she loves him. Brittany gets concerned because Lord Tubbington doesn't say "I love you" back to her. Sam suggests that she should sing his favorite song, and that maybe that way he'll understand, but Brittany says that she stopped singing to him after she found out that he joined the KKKK Klu Klux Klan for Kats.

Sam then suggests bringing him to Glee Club and have the whole group sing to him, that way Lord Tubbington will see how much she loves him and the Glee Club won't think that Brittany is choosing a cat over them. Brittany smiles and tells Sam that despite his low test scores, he's actually a genuis. The song ends with Brittany standing in front of Lord Tubbington while Sam stays back and looks sad.

A few days later, in the middle of Glee, gunshots are heard and the group hides. Sam starts to crawl from his hiding place towards Mr.

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  • Shue and Beiste and tells them that he has to go look for Brittany because she went to the bathroom before the gunshots and didn't take her phone with her. Beiste and Mr. Shue tell him no, and he argues until they force him to sit down. After a little while he gets back up and tells Mr. Shue and Beiste that he has to go because she's all alone and he forces his way towards the door.

    Shue once again tell him no and that it's dangerous. He says that he doesn't care and the two teachers have to physically stop him while he continues to fight them and grows more upset, leading Mr. Shue to cover his mouth with his hand as Sam gets extremely upset.

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    They once again force him to sit down, and Artie comforts him. A few days later when school is back in session, Sam and Brittany meet in the hallway. He confesses that he was really scared because he was stuck in the choir room and she was outside by herself.

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    He tells her that he couldn't stop thinking about her. Brittany tells him that he was all she thought about too. Sam admits that he's been acting like jerk about Lord Tubbington lately, but he says that it's because he's not that nice to him. Brittany tells him that she deleted Lord Tubbington's email account so that he would stop sending Sam harassing messages.